A Glance at Your Precious Hair..Cure Them Carefully

A Glance at Your Precious Hair..Cure Them Carefully. Our hairstyle is one of the most important personality deciding factors. A beautiful hairstyle can draw out the best framing for our face. Healthy and beautifully styles hair adds the striking and stunning effects to our looks. Healthy and beautiful hair requires the daily hair care regime. Environmental factors also damage our hair. Exposure to extreme climatic conditions, pollution, and dirt and sun heat is unavoidable. However, all these factors suck the moisture, glow and shine of our hair. We can be left with frizzy, dull and faded hair if we do not care for our precious hair.

A Glance at Your Precious Hair..Cure Them Carefully

A Glance at Your Precious Hair..Cure Them CarefullyTeam of 99 institute of beauty and wellness shares the few hair care tips that we generally ignore

Choose and Use hair care products carefully – Know the requirement your hair first before choosing the hair care products. Nourish your hair with the herbal products or use the products that contain the essential oils like coconut, avocado and argon. Do not choose alcohol based shampoo if hair is already dry in nature.

Pamper your hair with Hair spa – Investing in hair spa is never a overspending. Once in month we should take a good hair spa to restore the damaged caused by dirt, sweat and pollution. It keeps the hair hydrated and moisturized.


Avoid over use of styling tools – hair styling tools are basically heat generator equipment that take away the hydration from our hair and can make them dry and dull. Regular use of hair styling tools at home is never recommended.

Avoid excessive washing – Washing is must for keeping the hygiene but excessive washing takes away the hydration and moisture. Hair oiling before washing is a good habit to follow. Always keep in mind that application of conditioner is required on the hair not on the scalp.

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