Anti Aging Food To Look Youthful For Longer

Anti Aging Food To Look Youthful For Longer. Growing old is inevitable and aging is a natural process. But in today’s scenario we all are getting aged on very fast rate due to increased portion of toxin around us, growing pollution, stressed and hectic life styles and unhealthy food habits. Rate of growing old has been increased worldwide and international organizations are investing great amount and time on the researches of getting aged.

As a token of our small contribution to this great task we are sharing in our article the best anti aging food that we all should include in our diet to stay young and healthy.

Anti Aging Food To Look Youthful For Longer

Anti Aging Food To Look Youthful For LongerWater –

Water is most important and indispensible food for our body to keep us hydrated and active. Best way to increase the water intake is dilute the existing diet of fruit juices and other drinks with water. Skin Cells will be hydrated without much intake of sugar.

Green Tea –

Green Tea is the best package of anti oxidants that protects us from harmful impacts of toxins. Regular intake of green tea helps in  keeping the skin cells healthy by preventing the damaged of free radicals.

Saffron –

Saffron is as good on the nutritional charts as its taste enhancing feature. In India, saffron is being used for cooking and deserts since ages. Saffron is very rich in anti oxidants and helps in controlling the premature aging of our DNA.

Turmeric –

Turmeric is the very common Indian spice which is used daily in our kitchen. Fresh roots of turmeric are also very easily available in the market. It works wonder for fighting cell damage and and it healing properties help in keeping the body healthy.

Yogurt –

Curd or yogurt is the great source of calcium and and works wonderfully for keeping our skin cells young. We should eat the unsweetened curd or we can add fruits and honey to make it our tastier and nutritional.

Sweet Potato –

Sweet Potato is the rich source of Vitamin A, which helps in preventing aging lines and wrinkle on our face. We can eat the sweet potatoes by simply after boiling or baking after adding salt, routine spices and lemon juice.

Carrots –

Carrots are also rich in Vitamin A and are having the property of regenerating the damaged collagen and skin cells. It also helps in fighting cancer cells.

 Berries and Nuts –

Any kinds of nuts and berries that suit to our taste are the wonderful nutritional and anti aging food. Handful mixture of nuts and berries is the best snack to carry in pocket.

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