Be Open to Loving Colors on This Holi Festival 2018

Holi Festival

Be Open to Loving Colors on This Holi Festival 2018 Again Holi has arrived….!! It’s time to have fun with family and friends with loving colors….Enjoy endlessly with your family and friends…!! Actually Holi is a celebration of victory of good over evils and is a festival of colors, joy and happiness all around. This is a festival that every child, teenager or adult are waiting for to drench into the colors of happiness and fun.  Holi is incomplete without pichkaris, water balloons and colors. Holi colors can result into irritation but no need to keep you away from these beautiful festive colors in the fear of skin and hair damage. 99 Institute brings you a very useful makeup tips to have a beautiful festive look to celebrate Holi along with tips to take care skin and hair.

Be Open to Loving Colors on This Holi Festival 2018

Apply a water proof makeup on your face. It doesn’t only gives you a beautiful and stunning look throughout the holy party but also helps to prevent the colors from getting into the skin.

  • Holy Nail Art is also trending in this Holi. Fusion of different colors will look beautiful with the Holi outfits and makeup.
  • Wear Matt Red on the lips to freeze the gaze on the occasion of Holi. Red is the color of celebration, Confidence and Boldness. And a beautiful highlighter of our face.
  • Eye Makeup – Use eye primer before applying eye makeup. Use matt colors instead of shimmers on eyes as shimmer is preferable in night parties and events. Eye liner of blue, purple and green can be used to add a Holi look. Rainbow eye makeup can also be used depends on the outfits and personal preference to have a vibrant look.

Tips for Skin and Hair

  • Apply a good moisturizer or a coconut oil on skin before going out as colors stick more to dry skin.
  • Wear clothes that cover your skin more to prevent colors and head can also be covered with a beautiful scarf matching with the outfit.
  • Apply Hair Oil to protect scalp and hair from color and tie a stylish bun or go for a trendy pony tail. As tied hair will prevent the colors from getting deep into the scalp.
  • Apply water proof makeup on face and neck along with the matt lipstick to provide a thin layer in between skin and colors.
  • Soak your fingers into any oil and apply nail paint to protect the nails and cuticles from colors.
  • Wear shades or spectacles and avoid contact lenses to protect your eyes.

Use organic or chemical free colors to avoid any kind of bad experience in this vibrant festival of colors….Keep enjoying….!!