Correlation of Health and Beauty with Each Other

Correlation of Health and Beauty with Each Other. Lets Learn! Only health body can have beautiful skin. Most expensive skin care range could prove useless on unhealthy body. If we do not take healthy and balanced diet, keep on sticking with bad habits and poor lifestyle then we should not be trying expensive cosmetic range for healthy and glowing skin

Correlation of Health and Beauty with Each Other

Correlation of Health and Beauty with Each OtherTeam of 99 Institute of Beauty and Wellness shares . . . . . . . . . . how diet, exercise, rest and water intake helps us in keeping our body and skin healthy and glowing.

Regular Exercise

Regular exercise keeps us active and fit. Perspiration helps in taking out the toxins from our body. Going to Gym is not only the way for gaining healthy body. Simple and easy alternatives like using cycle for going to office; dancing at home, playing with kids etc works so well.

Healthy Diet

Healthy and balanced diet plays very important role for healthy body and skin. Oily and fatty foods do not only affect our cardiovascular system but also a cause for acne on the face. Vitamin C does not only boost the immunity but also helps in preventing aging by keeping the skin firm and elastic. Vitamin E protects the skin and hair from UV rays.

Adequate Rest

Body needs the rest to repair the damaged cells. Required rest means adequate sleep of at least 8 hours a day to rejuvenate the body. To make the body operational for the next day, sound and refreshing sleep is must. Puffy eyes and dark circle on the face is the result of sleepless nights.

Water Intake

We all need at least eight to ten glasses of water daily to meet the needs of body and skin. Regular intake of water boosts the metabolism and flushes out the toxins. Water is required for hydrated body and skin.

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