Few Summer Care Tips….Maintain Your Beauty!!

Few Summer Care Tips Every year scorching heat of summer takes away the natural glow and shine, and we are left with tanned, dark and dull skin. Harmful mixture of sweat, pollution, dirt and make up can invite multiple skin problems. Heat and pollution are the most unavoidable factors in the summers yet we can follow the skin care regime to take care and nourish our skin. Our skin also needs the hydration and nourishment along with our body.

We are sharing in this article simple yet valuable summer skin care tips that will surely help to retain the glowing skin in the summers.

Few Summer Care Tips

Keep Hydrated – Drink plenty of water to keep the body and skin hydrated. Many of us may not be knowing that taking of adequate water can improve the skin complexion and elasticity. It helps in preventing the acne and flushing out the toxins.

Sun shield is must – Do not go out without the shield of sunscreen of at least minimum 50 SPF. Re apply the sunscreen lotion if you are roaming under the sun. Shield your eyes with the shades to prevent the dark circles around the eyes. Wear hat or use umbrella if open exposure to the sun is for long.

Minimized makeup – Limit the complete make up for occasions and chose light and natural looks for routine. It does not only look best but also frees the skin from the unnecessary layers of makeup and enable the skin to breathe.

Exfoliate for fresh looks – Removal of dead skin cells is must to prevent the pore clogging, dull & dark skin, blemishes and acne. Exfoliation is the gentle scrubbing for removing the dead cells and stimulating the growth of new cells. Once in week, exfoliation is must to prevent the accumulation of dead skin.

Keep the skin moisturized – To keep the skin supple and smooth, regular moisturizing of skin is must. Use gel bases light moisturizer in the summers to avoid the oiliness on the face.

Personal hygiene – Maintain personal hygiene to avoid skin problem. Take a bath at least twice a day to keep body fresh and clean. Chlorine water of pool makes you more prone to tanning; take a proper shower to get rid of chlorine.

Wear Cotton based fabric – Cotton is the best summer fabric. It lets the skin breathe in hot summers. Avoid tight clothes to prevent skin rashes and irritation.