“Water drops of rain are the showers of love on the Earth.”

HAIR CARE TIPS IN MONSOON SEASON Monsoon is always welcomed after the hot summers. Monsoon brings the sigh of relief during the scorching heat of summers. Rainy day is always the happy day for all. It brings the showers of happiness and fun. Rains make the green life back to the nature after hot and dry summers. Summers become the less hot and lands turn green. In the Monsoon humidity level also rises and we all need to take good care for personal hygiene. Hair becomes frizzier and chances of hair fall also rise during monsoon


Beauty experts Team of 99 institute of beauty and wellness share the hair care tips for the Monsoon Season.

Hair Care Tip # 1

Wash your hair regularly. Due to rise in humidity levels, secretion of oil on the scalp increases and oil attract the dust and dirt. So make sure to wash hair without any sloth.

Hair Care Tip# 2

Choose anti bacterial shampoos for monsoon season to protect the scalp from the bacterial and fungal infections. Dandruff is the fungal infection and chances of dandruff increases in the monsoon due to humidity.

Hair Care Tip # 3

Do not get drenched in the first rain; first rain of season is dirty and acidic. Moreover in the present scenario of environmental pollution, try to protect the hair in the rain with shower cap. Otherwise do wash the hair immediately after the rain shower to get rid of the damage that rain water can do to the hair.

Hair Care Tip # 4

Avoid combing and tying the wet hair as wet hair are more prone to the breakage. Tying of wet hair can lead to fungal infection.

Hair Care Tip # 5

Do not rub the towel on the hair to make it dry. Rubbing will tangle the hair and breakage will increase while detangling of hair.

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