Homemade Simple But Useful Summer Face Packs

Homemade Simple But Useful Summer Face Packs. Summers vacations are the best time of the whole year. It brings the moments of togetherness, fun and joy with the family. Summer vacations are the best time for making fun and adventure. All these activates are the invitation to the tanned and dark skin as all the fun filled activities like jumping in the swimming pool and beaches; dancing in the rain parties and water parks; adventures of river rafting and trekking give the exposure to hot sun rays. Do not worry; we have the remedy of facials and masks to sooth the skin.

Facials and masks applications are the best ways to regain the health of our skin. Facials and Mask are the repairing mechanisms those repair the damage caused by pollution, free radicals and harmful UV rays. Facials and masks are the soothers and work as relaxants for the skin. Facials are always recommended from the expert and skilled hands of best beauty service providers. Since facial is the process of massaging the face in prescribed motion to tighten the muscles.

Homemade Simple But Useful Summer Face Packs

Homemade Simple But Useful Summer Face PacksWe hereby share the simple but very useful homemade facial packs that can be made from the kitchen ingredients.

Papaya Mask – Papaya is good to eat by mouth and skin both. Papaya exfoliates our skin naturally and removes the dead skin. Let’s make the yummy pack.

Cut the two slices of papaya into pieces and make a paste. Add one spoon of honey and lemon juice. Now add two spoons of oats to this paste and mix well. Apply the pack on face and wash with normal water after fifteen minutes.

Sandalwood pack – It is the simplest but one of the best packs of summers to remove the excessive oils from the face and soothes the skin. Let’s make the cooling pack.

Take two to three spoons of sandalwood powder and add pinch of turmeric. Now add rose water to make a paste. Apply on the face evenly and rinse with normal water before getting dry completely.

Gram flour pack – It is most nourishing pack in the summers that exfoliates also. It is the best remedy for removing tanning and curing acne. Let’s make the nourishing pack.

Take two to three spoons of gram flour powder. Add lemon juice, honey and pinch of turmeric to the gram flour powder. Apply the paste on the face for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with the normal water.

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