How to Pamper Feet at Home?

How to Pamper Feet at Home? Our feet are the foundation of our body. Health and beauty of our feet are equally important. Our feet are always working, while sitting, standing, walking and running. Let us recognize the value of our feet and pamper with good foot care and foot treatment to make feet happy and beautiful.

How to Pamper Feet at Home?  Simple and Easy Foot Care Tips

How to Pamper Feet at HomeTip # 1

During the day, for while try to sit in the resting mode with elevated feet to improve circulation

Tip #2

Avoid High heels in routine as this could result into foot ache and various foot problems.

Tip #3

Keep your feet dry and clean, specially the space between toes to avoid the fungal infections. This more important when we have the over sweating problem in the feet.

Tip #4

Massage your feet in the night to improve blood circulation and relax.

Tip #5

Keep your feet moisturized to beautify the appearance and to avoid the break outs.

Tip #6

Wear comfortable footwear to avoid the foot ache and problems

Care will keep our foot relaxed and comfortable .Let us see how to treat our feet to make them healthy and happy with homemade remedies.

Step #1

Remove the nail polish from all the nails with nail polish remover.


Dip your feet into normal water to soften the nails and cut the nails.

Step #3

Take the warm water in the tub. Add rock salt and bath gel or shampoo in the water. Mix it well and soak the feet into the water for 10-15 minutes.

Step #4

Dead skin can easily be removed after soaking. Now use the pumice stone or foot filer to remove the dead skin of the feet. Use it gently on the foot to avoid any rashes.

Step #5

Scrub the feet with the paste of olive oil and sugar. This will help in exfoliate the skin and make the skin more smooth and supple. Scrubbing will remove the dead skin and make the room for fresh skin tissue

Step #6

Wash the feet properly to clear the bath gel or shampoo and wipe gently with the clean towel to make it dry.

Step #7

Take a massage cream and massage the feet. Massage will give the relaxing impact and moisturizer will make the feet more smooth and supple. It is more required in winter and massage can also be done with any oil available at home.

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