How to Take Good Care Of The Skin In Monsoon

How to Take Good Care Of The Skin In Monsoon. Monsoon is pleasant and welcomed all over. Cool breeze, fresh green leafy trees, earthy scent of wet soil and showers of rain drops are mesmerizing to imagine and experience. In spite of all the good the things monsoon raises the humidity levels which is not good for the health of skin.

How to Take Good Care Of The Skin In Monsoon

Best skin care mantra is cleansing, toning, moisturizing daily and exfoliating twice a week.

How to Take Good Care Of The Skin In MonsoonWrong Perceptions in the monsoon those can damage the skin

  • Cloudy day is the bad excuse for not wearing sunscreen. Clouds do not shade us from the harmful U V rays.
  • Moisturizing is not required in Monsoon. Cleansing and toning in Monsoon needs to followed by oil free or gel based light moisturizer for the smooth and supple skin.

Team of 99 institute of beauty and wellness shares the best home remedies for the Monsoon Season

  • Regular Monsoon Mask For all Skin Types

Make of paste of Multani Mitti powder and rose water and apply on the face. Keep it for 10-15 minutes and rinse water. This will takes out the excessive oils from the skin and will give the refreshing feel to the skin.

  • Remedial Mask for the Acne Prone Skin.

Make a paste of sandalwood powder, neem powder and honey or clove oil and lemon juice. Apply the mixture on the face for 10-15 minutes. Neem is having the antibacterial properties and lemon juice will dry up the acne.

  • Remedy for Natural Cleansing and Glow.

All time favorite home remedy is of gram flour. Make a paste of gram flour, lemon juice, turmeric and honey. Apply the mixture on the face and take out before getting dry. Massage in the circular motion while taking out and rinse with the fresh water.


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