Maintain Healthy Hair – Few Hair Care Tips

Maintain Healthy Hair In order to keep your hair healthy, people advices their distinct visions to help you out. Usually mother advice to apply oils like coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil to cure hair and make them healthy. The hair dresser or hair stylist wills advice to take spa therapies on regular basis. Before going to take any hair treatment, keep a clear vision on few basic things. People apply many oils, chemicals and materials on the hair to get silky, shiny and beautiful looking long hair but the main point behind healthy hair is healthy diet plan.  Iron and proteins are the two major requirements of hair’s good health.

If you don’t eat the required amount of hair necessary elements then your hair will not get the desired diet for getting healthy, long and shiny looks. Event the hair cells are rapid growing cells but are easily affected if you don’t eat the right and sufficient amount. The people are affected with IRON and Protein deficiency will have the major hair fall issues. Try to add iron rich foods in the diet plans. Green Leafy vegetables, beans, chickpea, soybeans and cereals are enriched in Iron and Proteins. It is advised to take 12 mg of iron on daily basis. Cheese, Milk and Yogurt are also enriched in amino acids helps the body to get healthy hair.

Basic Tips to Cure Your Hair Health – Maintain Healthy Hair

Most of the people are suffering from hair fall issues. But a few hair falls on daily basis is normal and common to almost all of us.

  1. It is advised not to do combing on wet hair as they are so weak at that time and results in heavy hair fall. So comb it as gently as they are prone to brokerage in wet conditions. Use broad tooth comb to maintain the wet hair from the root to the ends.
  2. Also, if possible, trim your hair for preventing the generation of brown and rough split ends.
  3. Use the same conditioner or shampoo every time to get better results for a long time. Apply some amount of conditioner to the ends. Wash Your Hair with Cold water for strong and healthy hair.
  4. In the last few years hair shampoos are coming up with sulfate which causes foams in the hair. It cleans the hair scalp and hair, removes the dirt and makes them healthy and shining all the time. But researchers say that it will remove the essential oils from the hair. If you feel irritation or hair drying on applying the shampoo then go for a sulfate free shampoo. If your hair gets easily exposed to dryness and results in rough hair then don’t go ever for hair coloring.
  5. Use Lemon, Chamomile Tea or Honey for high lightening and great shine on the hair. In the winter season, apply some drops of lemon water on the hair when you are heading out. Wash your hair with the chamomile tea and apply a shampoo followed by water with honey to wash the hair.
  6. As we condition our hair after every wash, but deep conditioning is one of the most effective hair care tips. It is advised to apply conditioner after shampooing the hair. Apply the conditioner to scalp of the hair and then take a broad tooth comb to spread the condition to all around the hair from roots to the ends. Then leave the conditioner to absorb by the hair for about 10 minutes to 1 hour. Now rinse off the hair thoroughly and get silky smooth and shining hair.
  7. Avoid heat and iron treatments to your hair. Apply home based natural techniques to set your hair and get curls and straight hair with no more chemical treatments and heat techniques.
  8. Coconut Oil, Honey, Cinnamon Powder, Olive Oil and Egg are ultimate sources for rapid hair growth.

Follow these tips and tricks for natural Hair care. You can reduce hair fall and can get high end silky, shining and long hair for all time.