Makeup Tips from the Desk of Makeup Artists

Makeup Tips from the Desk of Makeup Artists. Make up enhances our natural beauty features. Expert makeup artist plays very intelligently with colors on the face. Perfect blend of all the lighter and darker shades of colors on our face comes out with perfect look with glamorous appeal.

We herby share the very useful make tips from the desk of experts for the flawless looks.

Makeup Tips from the Desk of Makeup ArtistsMakeup Tips from the Desk of Makeup Artists

Makeup Tip # 1

Gently massage your face with the cube of ice before applying makeup. Massage will sooth your skin and will hold the make up for longer time with great finish.

Makeup Tip # 2

Wait after applying concealer on the face for some time. Concealer takes the time to merge with your skin.

Makeup Tip #3

Do not shape your eye brows completely with dark shade. For the natural looking shapes, start with soft shade, make it darker in the middle and end up with lighter shade.

Makeup Tip #4

Dip the curler in the waterproof mascara bottle and heat up the eye lash curler with the hair drier and apply on the eyelashes for beautifully curled and naturally looking longer eyelashes. If you want voluminous eyelashes without applying artificial eye lashes, pour powder on the eyelashes and repeat the coating till the desired volume.

 Makeup Tip # 5

For the flawless looks, prime your eyelids with eye primer or face primer before applying the shades of eye shadow.

Makeup Tip# 6

Use lighter and darker shade to make a good combination for the smoky looks. Do not use only black color for creaking smoky looks.

Makeup Tip # 7

To create the curly waves in the hair, make a loose braid in the night on wet hair. Open the braid in the morning and detangle gently with the fingers.

Makeup Tip # 8

Gently add the face powder on the lips and merge it lightly with the lip brush after applying any lip color on the lips. This will create the matt look and make the lip color to stay for longer.

Beauty Tip # 9

Always start lip liner from the centre of the lip and extend it till the ends instead of starting from the ends.

Beauty Tip # 10

Use the lash curler to cover the roots of grey hair. Dip the lash curler into the mascara bottle and apply on the roots on grey hair in case you running short of time for getting ready for the party and do not have time for hair coloring.

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