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Pre Bridal Skin, Hair and Body Care Tips.Freezing the gaze of everyone around is the dream of every bride. Every girl wants the best on her wedding, be it her dressing, Pre Bridal Skin, Hair and Body Care Tips – 99 Beauty Instituteher jewelry and her looks. Beautiful skin adorned by the skilled hands of professional makeup artist can transform an average girl into a beautiful queen. Needless to say that, pre bridal skin, hair and body care is the foundation for alluring looks of bride

Expert team of 99 Institute of beauty and wellness shares the Pre bridal Skin, hair and body care tips

Tone Your Body– Shaped body adds the grace to the wedding dress. So change the diet and add few hours of exercise or dance or walk in the weekly routine to shape the body.

Regular Facial Sitting– start required sitting for facial as per the guidance of the beauty expert to repair the damaged and tanned skin.

Care For Hands and Feet– along with required pedicure and manicure sitting make a routine to apply moisturizer or oil before going to bed for soft and smooth hands and feet.

Body Hair Massage and Spa– massage and spa are the best relaxing tools in the hectic schedules of wedding preparation. It can help you to relax and lower the level of stress hormone. Oiling and massaging of hair is very important. Beautiful, healthy and shiny hair enhances the look of bride.

Exfoliate skin– exfoliate your skin at least once a week to remove the dead skin with home remedies. Take oats, honey and lemon juice and massage on you face in circular motion. Rinse with normal water and apply toner and moisturizer

Diet Plan– Change your eating habits. Add more fruits, vegetables and fresh juices to the diet and avoid junk, oily and spicy food for health, glowing and acne free skin. Increase the intake of water to speed up the metabolism rate.

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