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Makeup Arts, Fashion Stylists and Hair Experts are boon of fashion and beauty industry. We have a team of specialized professional makeup artists who have decades of hands on experience with bridal makeup, party makeup and creative fashion industry makeup arts. 99 Beauty Academy and Salon are exploring international trends of beauty education in India. Most of the students have got placed in the renowned beauty brands.

To have perfect hair every day, follow few hair care tips and advice from your expert stylist you can make it possible. Use the tools which a salon artist applies and do the way they provide your professional hair dos. Use straighteners, brushes and recreate your hair styles by your own feeling the comfort of your homes. Explore things that are professional and covering with flat irons. Learn skills, professional makeup arts and stylish hair dos under the guidance of professional makeup artists, hair stylists and beauty experts. Groom yourself well with skilled beauty treatments and expertization. Apply for specialization in beauty, makeup and hair stylists with 99 Institute of Beauty and Wellness. Give a boon to your career and become specialized in beauty and makeup arts in the industry.

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