Working Woman and Vogue Supported by 99 Beauty Institute

Working Woman and Vogue Style is the signature of woman. Modern woman is illustration of confidence, intelligence, and panache. Dressing and make up sense adds the flamboyance to the appearance of woman. Rise of fashion in the society has already changed the definitions and rules of dressing, make up and styling. Fashion has broken all the boundaries of ramp and acquired the prominent place in the wardrobe.



Working women and VogueModern woman is a working woman, who manages both office and home. Looks and style are very important for the today’s woman. Approach along with Make up for working woman is entirely different.

Working Woman and Vogue– Make up tips for working woman

Looks – Woman should prefer simple but professional looks for office along with light make-ups.

Foundation– Apply skin tone foundation in matte look. Face powder should be used only if required to prevent oily look.

Eyes– Eyes say a lot without uttering a word. Every woman should wear eyeliner along with mascara to enhance the shape of eyes. However, hand should be restricted to the light shade of eye shadows. A big NO to the glitters and shimmers in office.

Cheeks- Apply blusher in lighter shades to highlight cheekbones only. Nudes and Pinks should be applied instead of dark highlighters.

Lips– lips bears the most important ornament that is smile. Depending upon the skin tones, soft and subtle lip shades should be used.

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